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Reading and sending mails from within Emacs: a tutorial for mu4e

24 avril 2020

There are several ways to handle (i.e., to read and send) all your emails directly from within Emacs. As you can read on this reddit thread, there are essentially three candidates: the built-in Emacs tools (Rmail and Gnus), mu4e and NotMuch. mu4e is a solution I find especially convenient and easy to use. In this post, I’ll propose a quick tutorial and a reasonable mu4e configuration. Another tutorials out there are really well done, such as this one (the present post is essentially a modified and extended version of this excellent tuto), but most of them are quite old, and do not necessarily play well with the latest versions of mu. This tutorial works for mu 1.4.x (and, I hope, later versions).

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Comment boxes for R scripts within Emacs

06 avril 2020

Some people like to insert nice comment boxes in their R scripts. Using Emacs and ESS, this is easy to achieve thanks to the lisp function comment-box.

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