Frédéric Santos' notebook
Emacs and R tricks for anthropologists and archaeologists.
30 mars 2020

What you'll find here

I am an engineer in statistics at the University of Bordeaux, France; more precisely in an archaeology lab (UMR 5199 PACEA, CNRS). I am also a trainer in statistics at Urfist Bordeaux.

Statistics and R language

I will mainly host on this website various pieces of R code that might be useful for students in biological or forensic anthropology and past sciences. Most of the topics covered here are relatively simple, and I aim at providing the simplest (maybe not optimal) possible solutions, so that they will remain understandable et (re)usable even with limited knowledge in both statistics and R language.

Emacs tricks

I am also an Emacs user, and a beginner in Emacs Lisp programming. I will share useful tricks (and some propaganda) about Emacs, ESS or Orgmode.

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